Bert at Craft Fair

- So, is this going to be one of THOSE adventures where I meet all the new people and you gather the glory?
-Yes, Bert, it is.
- Oh, is that then my breakfest?
- No, Bert, small hippoes don't eat candy.
- Phw
Alright, here we are. Thanks for the nap by the way, now I'm ready for the adventure.

Oo, bobbin lace, it isn't that difficult, or it wouldn't be, if I had little longer arms...

No leaves but earrings? Can I have a pair? One from the old country? You know, miss Mureena does those according to order?

How about one of these dolls? I'd need a mascot, like you have in me. They are just HassunHauska as promised. 

What? There wasn't a hippo on sight at the navity scene? I HAVE to  fix that!

Hi HooPee! As a one mascot to another, I've heard you've had a busy fall, like going to Japan and Germany and traveling around the country! Unlike me, I think you being busy is a good thing.

Now, can you help me to pick a pair? I can't choose from all these delicious earings.

Squichy yarn. Squichy yarn. Can I stay here?

Hey, you said I'd get to pick one colour! I haven't done picking, I'm still partial about that green yarn I choce first. How about this teal yarn? Or this other teal yarn? 

Now, this would be classy style to travel, muh better than the carry-bag you use.
- Well, Bert, unlike the bag I use, that one has two options, open or closed, how would you feel being decapitated?

When you are going to knit me my own accessory set and tailored sweater with perfect fit? These are just tiny bit too big for me. Should you ask from Tuulia Salmela if she has a line for small hippoes?

You mean that these are made of paper yarn? 

Could you make one for me? Pleaaaaase? It reminds me of the yellow grass at the old country, the white snow of  Finland and it's so pretty and soft.

I need to start working out! My bum is getting heavy when climbimg these stairs
Phew! Look at all these lovely socks that are designed to support breast cancer research. I wonder if they have socks for hippoes as well.

See! I'm being usefull, using this drum carder. Works like a charm.
Or not. Help, I'm hanging from my neck.

I've always wanted to try modern spinning wheel, specially after all the fun Bertha and I had with the old one few years back. I still can't believe she thought that it was a runner! 

This ain't working. Or then I need to gaing little weight for the pedal to work.

I bet these flowers would last much longer than those flamming Katies you keep bringing home.

Look at this strawberry!
- Yes, Bert, that is one big strawberry, I'm more enthuastic about the shop keeper, I have not one, but three of her books. Too bad I didn't hvae any of those with me to get it signed.

Where is Wally? Where is Wally? Hey, I wasn't finished finding Wally. Can I stay here if you're finished?

This is much safer carding, I can keep all my four legs on the ground, or table in this case.

This is hard work, belive me.

 Help me, I'm drowning to this book box.
That's better. Pottery basics, anyone?
Look who I found! He's been knitted in the old country, in Njoro, by the Kenana Knitters. We are so going to excahnge stories! Njoro is close by Nakuru, remember that place and the yarn store they had?

Kenana Knitters

Olga or Paavo, Olga or Paavo...

When do you start producing a hippo-line? In purpple, of course!

Hear, hear!

Thanks for help, taking selfies isn't the easiest thing for hippoes... Nor is the knitting with these gigantic needles.

What do you think about my new glasses?

Too bad I can't write my name to raffle ticket...

Then I just tighten thet yarn and the recycled rise is ready to be worn. Thank Martat for the work shop. 

Look! It's Molla Mills. And she agreed to take picture with me. There isn't happier happypotamus in the world today!

What if I'd hide to her packbag. I bet she would have more much interesting adventures to me!

Look, this would be handy if we were to return to the old country.

No, too heavy for small hippo. Help, I'm choking.

Hey, look at that pink cat! It seems the colours of the fauna aren't that dull after all.

Sorry, no arm knitting to small hippoes. I'd actually need arms for that.

Look at all these scarfs! Do you like the one knitted in enterlac, like your socks.
- Yes, Bert, it is very nice. Cuddos to the designer who came up that idea!

And the profits go to Naisten Linja, supporting women suffering from violence.

Hey mate, would you care about sharing your water bowl?

So, picking a button...

How about this?

The 199th button of this art piece, I'm making history, aren't I?

See, see, that's my button.

Hey, can I tell you about the Lake Simba and the amazing possibilities of meeting a nice flamingo there?

Nearly the real thing why we are here.

Look at that tree! Ribbon flowers, who would have thought that so simple matterials would made such beauties.

After helping the Kenyan women, how about helping Indians? Blowallah has nice yarns and the jewelry line is deffinetly different. But no hippoes here either.

Herra Hakkarainen! This might be even better than Molla Mills.  And look, he can crochet too!

Those of you, who don't know who Herra Hakkarainen is, please educate yourself!

Weaving might be nice. And look at the colour! Do you think you'd have room for the loom?

I want that blue one, no, the green one, no, the yellow one, no, them all. Could you knit them to me? Wait, where are the hippo sizes??

You aren't helping me with these pictures. 

AT last, I know where I am. Thanks Tampere for this adventure!

And thank you to all who allowed me to take pictures of the products with Bert.

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