52 Mornings until X-mas

Despite the topic,  I'm not writing about my muchly belated X-mas knitting, but I thought to write about test knitting. I knit mostly from patterns,  mainly because I'm too lazy to count stitches. A quality pattern is easy to read, the sizing is about right and all in all, working fron it is effortless. To reach that point designer has to learn many things, including how most people do understand this or that sentence. This is where test knitting comes in.
I have tested patterns activly now few years and have learnt the possible warning signs for badly written pattern. The biggest is that the pattern is on its second or third test round, while being sold at the same time. Also a bad sign is, if the test has been running for several weeks and still having just few partisipants. And there are designers whose patterns I won't knit again, just because they aren't worth the trouble.
Then there are the patterns and designers that I can't wait to see their newest designs,  their newest patterns. There are patterns that are simple yet challenging enough to intrique even experienced knitter, but still being available to also those knitters who are new in the industry.
One of my favourite test knits for this year was Little Graphite by Sarah Cooke. I liked the pattern so much that I have knitted three versions in kids sizes, and I just bought the adult version of the pattern, and can't wait to get started. Pattern is clearly written and it doesn't show off with technics that you could easily replace with something easier and none could tell the difference.
The first knitted of Novita Isoveli and went to my next door neighbourg.

Second one, knitted of Drops Big Merino, and like the third, this went to my god daughter.

Same as above, little added lenght in body and sleeves.
Thank you Sarah for this lovely pattern, I hope it won't take too long before I can show the adult version as well.

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