For the Sake of Blogging

It has been a quiet year in the Nook. You know, when you don't post anything in certain time frame, it becomes more and more difficult to start again. The year has been busy, at least workwise. I've been reading more than in years, and knitting quite a lot as well.

Past few weeks have been some what bittersweet, since -as some of you might have noticed- I have added some of my old blog posts to this blog, and reading those posts has been a long and winding walk on a memory lane. Back then I had camera issues, the digital camera I had back then didn't have the digital part in it (or well, my bad losing the cable), so I had to visit my cousin who had similar camera, send every picture to CD or USB-stick and then take them to shop to be developed into pictures. Today I went throug most of the photos in search for pictures of my old projects that I talk so much in my old blogs. I have also been adding those projects to my Ravelry page.

Here are some of them:
The Kysmig-shirt from Viking Knits, knitted in Nalle Colori. I think this is my godson's second xmas. The collar of the shirt was so tight that I had to tear it down and cast off  it again. That Xmas he also got a accesory set that included mittens, hat, scarf and socks in green Nalle Colori. The small xmas tree behind him was amazing with the blue lights.

My second amineko called Kimi was a graduation present to the owner of The Great Huntress, thus the name.

The hand puppet Sakarias "Sakke" Sammakko (Fredrick "Fred" the Frog) was a birthday present to my godson. Sakke had a short lived featured story-series, that can be read in Finnish from Sakke's Ravelry page.

THE Blanket. Here on my 120cm wide bed and one stripe is still on the side.

The Giant Turttle. I feel sorry that when I saved the old blog to my hard drive, I didn't save the comments I had got, as somebody had commented about how funny it would be if I would have walk to train carrying this huge turttle. I  also found some pictures where my then just over year old cousins plays with the turttle. This was a birthday present to my godson as well.

This bear was my first serious attempt to knit toys. I had knitted a smaller modular bear to my BF few months earlier (too bad I don't have photos of that, since it would make you all ROFLing). How little did I know about knitting or stuffing at the time, this teddy was stuffed with make-up pads. I'm sorry that I've lost the pattern for this, since it would be nice to knit another bear with this pattern, just to see how much I've learnt since.