New (or Very Old) Ways of Avoiding Studying

I should be writing my first biostatistics assignment, my reseach plan for thesis and few other papers as well. Instead, I'm thinking about re-arranging my stahs, or catalouging my crafting books, or just generaly cleaning my place.
Work has been busy, but the five weeks on call have given me lots and lots of time to knit. Not all of these have been knitted under that five week period, but I'll show them anyway.

First, three pairs of Monster-pants (the purpple ones doesn't have a monster), with Das Monster-pattern. All made of cotton, and cousin-in-law told me that my Goddaughter wears those on daly basis.

My Goddaughter had recently her first birthday and as a birthday gift I decided to send her a accessory set in orange and rasberry.
Beanie is mini version of Mario Berret, mittens are made with Marius patterin, the scarf I came up with as I knitted and the socks are from Drops.