51 Mornings Before Christmas

Because I can't really tell you about the pants, I'm posting some pictures of Ellie (and I think Bert has to had his time in front of the camera as well...)
Ellie was one of my projects to Nerdwars T8 round 2, she is mainly crocheted of Fabel, Nordlys and some Kotikulta Villainen left overs with 2mm hook. The pattern again from Heidi Bears.

Getting ready for X-mas

I started blogging in October 2008. First few years, I did  sort of Christmas countdown for 50-100 days before Christmas. I sort of miss that, althought, I found it rather difficult to find something to write about every day, when, let's face, my life is rather (or little more than rather) boring, and so has it been. Sometimes it is good to look back and see the things accomblished.

In 2008, I have been knitting squares for my Godson's blanket from Novita Polaris and Novita Pop. Even then I've noticed that Novita's recomendation for needle size isn't that great in every case. Addition to those squares I've been knitting a shawl/vest to my Mom, and have been wondering why on Earth I knit the sides for the armholes one side at the time instead of knitting them at the same time from two skeins? And, it has been second day of listening Christmas carols.

In 2009, it has been 52 mornings to X-mas, and only 46 to graduation. My thesis has been a one big WIP, and there has been few other tasks to finish (or compose) as well. I have begun to question my ability to really graduate in two years. The main knitting has been Northerlights shawl, and the needles have been at hand despite all the school tasks. It has been a Monday, and in 2009 YLE (the Finnish version of BBC) showed Russian World War II-television series Strafbat (Bataljon of Punishment) on Monday evenings, so knitting instead of school work. And I have been hoping to finish something to have more room in my stahs.

In 2010 I've been knitting my black Bitterroot shawl. My great-grandmother passed away on 1st of November, and I was knitting a shawl for the funeral. I used Novita Nalle (it is sport/DK), and I have thought that the shawl would look better on thinner yarn.

In 2011 I have not blogged on 2nd of Nov, but have just posted few days earlier similar post. I took part to KyJy, where the idea was to start and finish certain mount of projects between Midsummer and Christmas Eve. I did fail.

In 2012 I was in Australia. I assume that i have started the X-mas socks for my Godson and his Bro, have been knitting a baby jacket to one of the midwives at the hospital where I worked, and knitted the Vernal Equanox shawl for the second time. (oh, I miss Australia so much)

Today, I've been knitting a pants to meet one of the challenges of T9 in Nerdwars. But more about the Nerdwars projects and about the pants little later. It is 52 mornings till Christmas. No snow at sight. Still using summer tyres in my car.