Never Say Never and Other Truths About Life

So, instead of being high for the Australian sun, I'm back in my cold and grey Finland complaining about the weather. I have a very nice and special job now, the one that I always wanted, so I'm happy about that, but still I miss the warmth and the light and the easy-going-ness of Ozzies.

Knittingwise, it has been a quite dry spell. I eventually finished all four pairs of socks to my Godson and his Bro, but since I didn't take the photo in Sydney, I didn't see much of a point to take one in darkness of Decemberian Finland. I used Schoppen Wolle's Admiral and was very desappointed to see the condition of the socks in end of January, I would have never believed that the socks were a gift for this X-mas, not the previous one. Haven't asked if they've broken down by now, but wouldn't be suprised.
While being bored with the four pairs of socks I knitted Sunnyside-jacket and a spiral beanie to my friends who are expecting. Yarn is Sheperd's Merino Wool 4ply with 3mm needles. I did my own verison of the cables and laces.
Lace flowers (or paws) and extra cables under arms and sides.
Purpple buttons and very light but strong blue goes easily for a boy or a girl.

After being re-unitted with my stash (very happy moment indeed!) I did knit another Ethiopian cardican of my old leftovers, and started to crocodile crochet a shawl, that is still WIP. Of the leftovers I also knitted a pair of socks to my friend's almost-year-old, now that he is learning to walk.
Both looking for new owner.

Very basic, but does the trick!

Just left overs.

And I DID finish my Vernal Equinox Suprise Shawl. It took little over two balls, but weights only 100g. Yarn is Patton's Embrace 2 ply. Needles 3,75mm.

Another shawl I knitted is from Knitty, Semi Precious Shawl. The yarn is hand dyed Novita Nalle, needles I think, are 4mm or 4,5mm. It took the whole skein (150g), and I did two extra repeats of chart B to gain size. (No photos yet, as it is not blocked yet).

I needed something easy to travel with-knitting when I traveled from Kuopio to Helsinki to meet my friends, and Calorimetry has been on my to-do-list for a very long time, and as I had the yarn for it... The yarn is something hand dyed with natular incredients, that some lady was selling in our local mal. Took whole skein and little extra. Needles 5mm.

Few more pictures to show of my shalws now blocked (note the lack of light).

My biggest problem in my recent life has been that another of my 3,5mm Knit Pro Clear acryllic tips broke down while knitting socks. Right from the middle, not from the root, but the middle of the acryllic part. I'm not the tight knitter, and I'm mourning it very much, since I can't replace it. I know, first world problems. =o)