A Playdate in 'Hippostyle'

"Psst, Bertha, wanna go out to play?"
"Usch, knitting and crocheting is not for small hippoes. Maybe we should go out for adventure!"
"Check-mate, Bert, you lost!"
"But I'm the king of the (Noro) hill"
"Bert, are you sure this is a runner??"

"It's too high and slipery. Bert, let's just get out of here!"
"This is more like it. How about a nap?"
"Hmm... that shirt wouldn't look good on a hippo. Where are all the hippo-models?"
"Bertha, Bertha, where are you??" "Hihihih!!"
"Silly Bert, hide'n'seek is my favourite game. Wait till Börje can join us."
"Lunchbreak, savoury, not sweet." "If we get any sweeter we become overly sappy"

"And look, they even have soup for little hippoes as well!"
(c) Drucilla at Lankahamsterin tunnustuksia

"Even little hippoes need to hydrate after big adventures."
"O' that's why Börje couldn't play with us, he doesn't have a head just yet"
"It was fun, see you next time Bertha!"
 Thanks to Drucilla for letting Bertha to play with Bert.


  1. ROTFL! Who knew you could have such adventures at your LYS. Made my morning. (su3385 @ Rav)

  2. Rofl! That was delightful. :-)

  3. That was such an awesome hippo adventure!!!!!! Loved it!

  4. Amazing !! He looks cute!! A perfect piece of decor!!