First Touches with Australian Yarn

As You, fellow knitters, know this year we - the knitters - challenged ourselves in Ravellenic Games in the same spirit that Olympic Athletes challenge theirselves. Due the US Olympic comittee, this year we competed in Ravellenic Games instead of Ravelympics like previous times. My BIG plan was to knit a shawl, and I casted it on at the mass cast on, on 27th of July, but due the moving to Oz and the need to finish my granny blankie, I noticed in good time that I won't be able to finish in time. So I headed to Morris and Sons and then to Lincraft to nuy some cottonish yarn to knit fingerless mittens for the cold and sunny winter days of Sydney. The Morris and Sons had some very nice cottons, but to this sort of project I felt that cotton and cashmire combined might be too fancy, so I ended up choosing Lincraft's Panda Cotton, that has 50% cotton and 50% acryl, I do hope that this yarn has even some memory. I used 3,5mm needles, and the pair took just over one skein. The pattern is some what similar than in the fingerless mittens I got from Carmina few years ago in the Secret Santa round. I actually even got beads to put in, but the yarn was too thick for that. =o( I knitted these fingers-down, and catsed on at the sam time both stitches for thumb itself and the decreases in palm, but it didn't look as nice as I thought. But they do their job as required.

40/50 stitches, and the "not-cut-off-thump"

As I had two balls of the yarn, I decided to crochet a gigantic miss monster and it took all the left over yarn. and now she is looking for a home to be adopted in.

In the monster world one eye is an eye enough, and as any other young girl, also she likes to curl her hair and smile as often as possible, and she does have the teeth for it.

 Australian quality yarn is just as pricy (or even pricier) as Wollmeisse. Take my word for it. So far I have bought one skein, and I won't be buying another one untill I get a job.

This lovely skein was a gift and well wish from Crafty Nan for me to have even some access to Australian yarn when I go to do my 88 days of rural work for second W&H, 3ply Australian merino. Thank you again Rholab!

This also very lovely skein I bought from the dyer at Paddington's Market this Saturday and it was on sale for A$20 (17€), 80% Australian merino, 20% Nylon. It is so soft!


Did I actually finish it?

I think I did. Finaly! It only took about year and five months and four days. And about 2100 gramms of yarn. I ended up to size 13x14 squares, one square being about 12x12cm, used 14 different colours, (13 each) and there are 9 each left over for Mom to make a blanket to herself if she wishes to. Used 3mm hook. 11 squares/100g of Novita Nalle (Marjaretki/Kukkaketo), 230m/100g.
I LOVE IT! (And due the winter on southern hemisphere I've slept underneath it for many nights already and LOVE IT EVEN MORE!)

(First picture, middle row:) All the pieces are done (14x22) Colours from top left: rose, violet, anemone. Second row top left: lilac, daisy, no-name-green. Third row top left: cloudberry, blueberry, lily-of-the-valley, cress. Bottom row left: lingonberry, cherrytree, bluebell, flower mix