X Marks the Spot

 I LOVE my Knit Pro needles. It was love at the first sight. Few years back I participated to this Scarf Journey-knit along, (to say it simply on Scarf Journey you start a scarf (or socks or a pack or what ever the journey is about) and then sent it to another knitter and then you receive someone else's scarf to knit and the circle goes on till your own scarf is returned to you) and someone's scarf was on Knit Pro interchangeable circular needles. As soon as I found out what needles they are I placed an order to get a set for myself as well. 
The starter set I got had 8 tips, few cables and the key, and they came in very nice plastic case, but since I've got more tips and DPN's the case is too small to house all of them (even all of the tips or heads). And let's face it, it is not the easiest way to keep track of your needles when they are individually packed. So, I've long thought (OK, let's speak of these matters with theyr real names, dreamed) to have fabric cases for my needles, and today I finaly made them!
I HATE sewing. Simply hate it, have always hated. Really hate. Really, really HATE, you know. I got sewing machine as a graduation present few years ago and so far I've sewn the yarn basket and the pillow case and  even then I nearly threw the machine to nearest wall. I just don't get along with HER. So, today I used my Mom's sewing machine (I DID try to use my own, but it didn't work out) and now I finaly have a nice to store my needles, and it is always easy to see which needles are in use.
The main fabric is Marimekko's Unikko (Poppy), that I bought last summer from the Marimekko factory outlet in Kitee, and the linen is some (old?) sheet that I found years ago from the same shelf where my old bed linens were. 

Well, those ain't that pretty, but I made them! Abd won't be needing any new needles in near future.

And to be mentioned, I'm just about four rows short of finishing the granny square blanket!