Ms. Cutie & co

I don't know why I just had to crochet this particular lovely and little freak-ish Eplehant (misspelling intended). I fell in love to this pattern years ago, and actually started to crochet it back when I was living in Kuopio, with much thicker yarn and 6-8mm hook, and it was huge (to fit a 55x75cm pillow), and around the neck I begun to fear that I'd run out of yarn, so I frogged it. This time I used left over Egypto Cotton and 4mm hook. It took 220g (110g each color) and it is little bigger than the model. I call her Ms. Cutie, and she is looking for a life-long friendship and a new home to accompany a little girl. Maybe, she has a change to get into Vihti to be befriended with the little Middle Monkey (her mother's nickname, not mine), and I'm quite happy to approve this "adoption".

I'm nice and round, my ears are big and eyes wide, I've short tail (althought I can't see it), and all in all I'm very cute, so that makes me the perfect Eplehant, doesn't it?

 I've used some of my sock weight yarns to make baby blankets. More than few of my colleagues have becomen mothers recently and since I like knitting things for babies at least two of them will get a blankie, if they want (of course).
First one is huge granny square in shades of green with 8mm hook and about 395g. Fourth one of them, the first one is in Lievestuore (near Jyväskylä), the second one is in Hongkong and the third, I don't even know, but probably in Vaasa (West Finland) of in somewhere South Sudan (it was a baptism gift to a Finnish-Southsudanese boy), and I haven't seen them in a long time.
The second blanket is Ten Stitch Blanket with 7,5mm needles and abot 410g of yarn in shades of green and blue. The idea of this blanket is very nice and maybe I'll knit another one with same pattern.

Top row: New Granny squara blanket made out of greenish sock yarns, the the first ever gigant Granny made of Moss Space, Second is made of left over bulky and super bulky yarns, thrid one (middle row) out of Novita Mambo and Novita Jenga, Ten Stitch Blanket, (bottom row) Gigant square made for my first niece/nephew-to-be with Novita Karuselli, New blanket made of Regia Socken Monster and Viking Baby Ull, and last is a blanket made of Novita Huopanen.