Finishing the New Instead of the Old

So, I have 20+ WIP´s and UFO´s. How to solve that? Naturally, you start at least few new knttings, how else?
At first I wanted to use the left over 7Veljestä I had from the Lanesplitter, version 2. So, I knitted this Hitchiker-type of scarf of all my 7Veljestä Raita-yarns, that I had only small amounts left. I used to small needles for this project, as it is recomended to use 4mm needles for 7Veljestä (I usually use 3,5mm) and I used 3,75mm needles, as they were at hand, thou I can't remember why. =o) Anyway, it took about 200gramms of yarn, in several colours, and I couldn't block it the way I would've wanted, so it doesn't look very nice, but I like it. And, I have to admit, I love all those nice comments I've been getting from fellow knitters. =o)
I don't like how the blocking came out.
A friend of a friend, or so, had a baby recently, and I was invited to the baptism of the baby-boy, or so I was told. What it comes to a present, I thought to make a blanket, as the selection for boys is not that extensive, especially for dk-cotton. So, for the first time in my life, I tunisian-crocheted this 80x80cm blanket of Novita Luxus Cotton-yarn in light blue. The hook was 5mm. Of course, at the baptism I found out that the baby was actually a girl. 

After the blanket I wanted to make something light and funny,and I remembered this turtle-pattern that I crocheter years ago to my Godson. It was huge, but nice, so I made a new one, lot smaller though. I used doubled Fabel and 4mm crocheting hook. The mixed shades of two threads of Fabel combined lead to fabulous colours! I gave it to a colleague of mine that had child a while ago.
The gigantic one is now serving as a door block (for wind and coldness), as mu Godson and his Bro how grown out of it. I love the new turtle, it looks so sweet!
As the pictures of the "To OFT Friends"-posting may already have told you, I was in Kuopio meeting  my family and friends, and while I was there, I knitted the boobwarmer that my Auntie wanted. I used this so called fake cable-lace  instead of the cable in the original pattern. It took about 250grams or so (Mom doesn't have a scale (just yet)).
I finished the boobwarmer on Friday. It was the only knitting I had with me in Kuopio, and I had three more days of my vacation left. So, I decided to knit a Ethiopia coatee of the left over yarn. I didn't quite measure up, so I went throug Mom's stash and the best option was to finish with Tennessee-cotton.
That was on Sunday, before the Sunday-night movie. So, another visit to Mom's stash (and it is not big), and she decided to donate/give up of a skein of 7Veljestä in jeansblue. I thought to make her a scarf with lover´s knot-crochet. My first time crocheting the lover´s knot in rectangle, and of course, I didn't have a pattern for it. =o) I had to remake the first few rows once, but then I figured out how to turn in sides.
While in Kuopio, I visited this Tumppurekka (Mittens Truck) with one of my knitting friends. This was a third year when Novita and Marttaliitto organized a truck tour with yarn-related theme. First year it was socks, last year it was Granny Squares and this year mittens. (You can read about last year's tour of my post Girls' Day Out, Feb 2011). 
The lovely display of mittens. Exept that they were teaching how to make tassels, nothing else.
Since then I've knitted one sock to a friend, we traded two pairs of ear rings to one pair of socks. I can't start the next one, until she has tried if the sock fits. I haven't knitted size 35 socks ever and I haven't got any idea what is the right size. And crocheted few more granny squares and continued to crochet a large blanket of Nalle Four Seasons. I hope to finish it soon. =o)
Blast from past. I knitted this wrap to my Mom years ago for Christmas. She loves it. It is propably the only thing that I've knitted that she wears and uses on regular bases
Dear Readers, meet Ressu. My first ever plushie. Suffered time and playing, but still dear to me. He now lives in my Mom's sewing basket with my Bro's Pink Pather, that is his first ever plushie. Just as wounded in action as Ressu is, and as dear to my Bro as Ressu is to me. May they rest in peace, but never to be forgotten.


To OTF-Friends...

You got to love Snow!
(Not to mention that during these pictures taken between 3. and 5. of February the temperature has been down, up to -30 degrees Celcius).