Knitting Hag Socks

Neuleharput (The Knitting Hags) is a group of knitters - and more importantly, a group of friends - that meets few times a month in cafés of Vantaa, mainly in Fazer Café in Jumbo shopping centre and Kulmakonditoria Café in Myyrmanni shopping centre.
When I decided to leave the group (not that it was made easy or anything), I wanted to desing something equally crazy and lovely as "the Hags" are for them to remember me by. On my farewell party in April we Kool Aided some yarn, that I ment to be used for this project, but of course everybody were free to choose any yarn they wanted.
I casted on with another hand dyed yarn and knitted the first sock toe-up and second cuff down. The pattern, feather fan-lace and triple cable create interesting effect when knitted this way, and to be honest, it fits well to Hags.

Hopefully You'll enjoy knitting The Knitting Hag Socks as much as I did enjoy desinging those. Happy knitting everyone!

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