Did I actually finish it?

I think I did. Finaly! It only took about year and five months and four days. And about 2100 gramms of yarn. I ended up to size 13x14 squares, one square being about 12x12cm, used 14 different colours, (13 each) and there are 9 each left over for Mom to make a blanket to herself if she wishes to. Used 3mm hook. 11 squares/100g of Novita Nalle (Marjaretki/Kukkaketo), 230m/100g.
I LOVE IT! (And due the winter on southern hemisphere I've slept underneath it for many nights already and LOVE IT EVEN MORE!)

(First picture, middle row:) All the pieces are done (14x22) Colours from top left: rose, violet, anemone. Second row top left: lilac, daisy, no-name-green. Third row top left: cloudberry, blueberry, lily-of-the-valley, cress. Bottom row left: lingonberry, cherrytree, bluebell, flower mix


  1. Onpas se riemunkirjava :D Mahtava urakka!