As the "D-Day" Approaches

It has been a long time since I blogged last time, and a lot has come together since. The "D-Day", the day that the stash has to be empty and magazines and books sold and stored, is now set. Finaly I've made the decisions, and at the end of July I'm going to make the biggest change of my life so far and move to Australia.

 Knittingwise, well, at the end of March we traveled to Tallins (capitol of Estonia) with the knitting group "Neuleharput" (which means both knitting hags and this knitting i-cord device) and of course our main target was the Karnaluks-crafting store. All Finnish knitters know Karnaluks out of large selection of all the possible textile crafting supplies and of the cheap prices, if you buy more than ten of the same item. And we (or at least I believe it is "we") are very grateful that Karnaluks is "cash only"-shop, as usually everyyone end up spending more money that they intended. We had our own conference space at the ferry between Helsinki and Tallins, and of course we knitted a lot, ate well and laughed all day long. I got, as planned, few new crocheting hooks, buttons and a zipper, and some miscellaneous knitting stuff. No new yarns. =o)

When traveling with knitters one has to have something to knit with, and in this case I hade sleeves for a baby jacket. The Annual ferry-lottery gave me this year this lovely project bag (Thank you again KristiinaS!). The Door to Karnaluks is very difficult to find, as this small sign is the only one. The Estonian Wools are from Pronksi Lõnga pode.

In mid-April I had invited all the Neuleharput-knitters to visit me, and at the same time we had a farewell party. Again, plenty of kntting, eating and laughing, yet, very bittersweet, as I know that I will miss them terribly and feel already an outsider as they plan a head to visit the Wollmeisse-store in Germany etc. We used most of my Kool Aids and it was suprising to how many vivid knitters the dying with Kool Aid was a new thing.

To complete the set with the "Baby Sophisticate" I knitted a pair of pants out or purpple and teal Aino.

And since the Junior was born in late April, I had to speed up all my another knittings I had planned to give him. So the third pair of overall-pants I've knitted with the same pattern and then a jacket (without the hood) and a beanie. I used Nalle Colori and Nalle Solids and 3-3½mm needles. According to Junior's Mom's wishes I then started to knit a larger overall to fit to Junior at next autumn. For this overall I'm using 7Veljestä Jättiraita-yarn, that is self-striping yarn with long colour runs. I have good 900g´s of this yarn, and so far it seems that the overall is taking maybe 300g.

The beanie took only few hours to make and it is a nice way to store the extra button. I like how the buntches give an adult look to this toddler jacket,

I've made three sets with the same pattern of the pants. The first one went to our librarian in Lehtikangas, Kajaani, the second one to knitting friend in Prague, and the third one to my dear friend.

My Grandma turned 70 years old on Ascension Day, and I had thought to knit her a Northern Lights-shawl. Good plan, exept I had forgotten to take my 6½mm Knit Pro´s with me, as I left for my summer vacation, and I had to buy these awful Novita knitting needles, that were on size 7mm still metallic, and weighted more than the acryllic 12mm Knit Pro heads, and don't even get me started of the cable of the circular needles, as I'm not even sure if it could be called "a cable". Anyway, I managed to knit the shawl, and used 240g of 7Veljestä Jättiraita-yarn, the leftovers of my skirt.

It is quite big (and just to compare to the Northern Lights-shawl that I knitted to my Mom for X-mas)

Then to my "favourite" projects, aka blankets. All of the granny squares are done. All 308 of them. I have joined maybe 2½ rows of them, and figgured out that only half of them will make a very nice sized blanket. Plus, I've started another Granny Square Blankie, that I crocheted with 8m hook and with 4 4-ply yarns compined. With the same compination, I'm now knitting a "Ten Stitch Blanket", that is also almost finished (I'll have a lot of weaving and blocking to do).   

One of my "friends" passed away in January (breast cancer in age of of 60+), and I have been having troubles to say to her widower that I'm very sorry for his loss. And I even was complained about that by a mutual (older) friend. So, what would say "I'm sorry for your loss" better than a pair of socks? Yarn once again 7Veljestä Raita and 7Veljestä Solids (my last skein of that), neeldes 3½mm, patter as usuall the basic.

Touch of red to remind the life will eventually win
 During my knitting years (going on 7+) I've knitted many pairs of socks to my parents, bro, grandparents, cousins and greatgrandma. I didn't used to take pictures of all of them, since who would be interested to see yet another dull pair of socks? I think that I even didn't take a picture of Ravelympics 2010's WIP's Dancing-socks, that was one of the three pairs of socks I finished during the games.

Fro the top: My first ever sock, knitted when I was 11-12 years old. Never finished the second one, since it was way too wide. X-mas gift socks to my parents: Kneehighs for Mom '05, Viking cable socks for Mom '09 (finished during Ravelympics '10), basic socks for Daddy '09, Viking cable socks for Bro '08, and Entrelacsocks for Daddy '06.

When we (my cousins and I) were little girls we used to play with these dolls when visiting Grandma's place. I think my Aunt has made the blond and her best friend the brunette doll, and what bothers me greatly is, that always and ever, the black dress belonged to the brunette doll, that was "my" doll, as I have dark hair and my cousins had blond hairs, and the white dress was with the blond doll. If one of my great-uncles and great-aunt-in-laws hadn't been there when I took the picture, I probably would have redressed the dolls. =o)

I found these from my late-Greatgrandma's bookshelv. Guess what they are made of?? The one who said old beer cans was right.