New Year, Old Projects

As you might guess I didn't finish all of my 24 KyJy-projects in time. Actually, I did finish 13 of them and one twice. The 14th project I finished on 25th, so one day too late. A side I've knitted two pairs of socks and started few new projects, but more about those later.

So, the 9th KyJy was Annis (or sort of mini-Annis, since I had casted on 50 stitches too little). I used Mini-Palett Superwash in green-blue tone, and with additional crocheted edge it weighted 52g.
Bobbles, NEVER again!

Tenth KyJy was a pair of toe-up-socks of 7Veljestä Raita, colour "Candy". I don't know why the colour reminds me of candies. The pair took 122g, and a colleague of mine bought them by charity donation.


The eleventh and twelfth finished projects were socks to my Godson and cousin. Two pairs to the younger one, since one pair wasn't over 50g and one pair to the older one. (Then of course, one of my side-projects was another pair for the older one). I used the Maija-yarn we Kool Aided in June in addition with Novita Nalle, jeans-colour with blue and brown with pink. 

The last project finished in time included three washing cloths. Two in Catan colour and one in some cotton yarn purchased from Lidl. All together worth of 63g. I crocheted those with two different patterns that I found on Ravelry back in mid-November, but can't remember them any longer.
The re-knitted project was the Lanesplitter. After using it few times it had almost doubled its size, and since it was little too big to beging with, I decided to tear it down and use the yarn for another skirt. The new skirt I knitted with tripled 7Veljestä with 9mm needles. It weighted 750g and it is much smaller this time. And I love it. =o)

The 14th finished KyJy, that I finished too late, was the Lyylit-socks (my own entrelac-pattern you can find from the side panel) knitted from Novita Nalle Colori's and Novita Jussi. The socks were a X-mas present to my Daddy. Weight was approx 150g.

The latest, and the first finished project for this year is a pair of socks. I used Novita 7Veljestä Raita, the black-gray-white-self stripeing yarn and it took almost the whole skein, althought the socks weighted only 133g (and the left over for 4g). So, the skein was very dry, as it is supposed to weight 150g. My regular "socks for average man"-pattern with French heel.

I just reliased that I haven't posted  a picture of my Mom's knitted assessories-set that I gave her for X-mas 2010. The beanie is my first Mario-berret out of Novita Aino and the scarf is my first Baktus-type scarf out of Novita Jussi.
Yes, it is GREEN

During the year 2011 I've used 7,53kilos of yarn in finished products. The stash is approx 22,3kilos.
WIP's and UFO's will be presented later. Happy New Year 2012 and may it be plenty on knitting and otherwise lovely and nice.