The Smallest Stash

How to destash over 30 kilos of yarn to less than five kilos? Move to Australia and have only very small storage space at your folks. I promise, that'll do the trick. =o)
My Finland stash in now 3,7 kilos (and that includes two half knitted jumpers), and my Australia stash is currently 450g and some left overs that are not counted in (and I also did leave some left overs to my Finnish stash). This is by far my smallest stash since I really began to knit in 2005.
Left overs (yellow is from my e-reader pocket, greens from socks I knitted to one Australian solder deployed in Afghanistan, and the two very small balls are from my new shawls), two skeins of Admiral (and the beginning of the socks to my Godson), two skeins of Shepherd 4ply Merino and two skeins and the beginning of the shawl (or actually it is 4/6 of the shawl).
Since last post I've knitted three shawls/scarves and two baby jackets, finished one pair of socks and knitted one altogether (forgot to take a picture), and made a travel pocket to my new e-reader (if I want to read Finnish books, it is a must). Currently I have two project in progress, another shawl and socks for my Godson.
Shawl I: Fall of Leaves from Marks and Kattens Fame Trend, took whole skein.
Shawl II: Autumn Leaf Shawl from Mossley Park's July Sock  Club, left maybe 2-3g left over
Shawl III: Fake Hitchiker from local hand dyed yarn, and this as well took almost whole skein (left over 4-5g)
Althought the colours pool, the over all picture is very nice
Another Ethiopia jacket and a beanie to local charity via church.  Left overs from the Knitting Hag Socks and the Comfort Blankie.
Jacket/wrap for baby, pattern from Drops, knitted in one piece. With the crocheted flower took 100g Shepherd's 4ply Merino. Friend from work "bought" this with charity donation. 
My Knitting Hag socks.
Vernal Equinox Shawl in pattern 4 repeat three, my other WIP.

Knitting Hag Socks

Neuleharput (The Knitting Hags) is a group of knitters - and more importantly, a group of friends - that meets few times a month in cafés of Vantaa, mainly in Fazer Café in Jumbo shopping centre and Kulmakonditoria Café in Myyrmanni shopping centre.
When I decided to leave the group (not that it was made easy or anything), I wanted to desing something equally crazy and lovely as "the Hags" are for them to remember me by. On my farewell party in April we Kool Aided some yarn, that I ment to be used for this project, but of course everybody were free to choose any yarn they wanted.
I casted on with another hand dyed yarn and knitted the first sock toe-up and second cuff down. The pattern, feather fan-lace and triple cable create interesting effect when knitted this way, and to be honest, it fits well to Hags.

Hopefully You'll enjoy knitting The Knitting Hag Socks as much as I did enjoy desinging those. Happy knitting everyone!


First Touches with Australian Yarn

As You, fellow knitters, know this year we - the knitters - challenged ourselves in Ravellenic Games in the same spirit that Olympic Athletes challenge theirselves. Due the US Olympic comittee, this year we competed in Ravellenic Games instead of Ravelympics like previous times. My BIG plan was to knit a shawl, and I casted it on at the mass cast on, on 27th of July, but due the moving to Oz and the need to finish my granny blankie, I noticed in good time that I won't be able to finish in time. So I headed to Morris and Sons and then to Lincraft to nuy some cottonish yarn to knit fingerless mittens for the cold and sunny winter days of Sydney. The Morris and Sons had some very nice cottons, but to this sort of project I felt that cotton and cashmire combined might be too fancy, so I ended up choosing Lincraft's Panda Cotton, that has 50% cotton and 50% acryl, I do hope that this yarn has even some memory. I used 3,5mm needles, and the pair took just over one skein. The pattern is some what similar than in the fingerless mittens I got from Carmina few years ago in the Secret Santa round. I actually even got beads to put in, but the yarn was too thick for that. =o( I knitted these fingers-down, and catsed on at the sam time both stitches for thumb itself and the decreases in palm, but it didn't look as nice as I thought. But they do their job as required.

40/50 stitches, and the "not-cut-off-thump"

As I had two balls of the yarn, I decided to crochet a gigantic miss monster and it took all the left over yarn. and now she is looking for a home to be adopted in.

In the monster world one eye is an eye enough, and as any other young girl, also she likes to curl her hair and smile as often as possible, and she does have the teeth for it.

 Australian quality yarn is just as pricy (or even pricier) as Wollmeisse. Take my word for it. So far I have bought one skein, and I won't be buying another one untill I get a job.

This lovely skein was a gift and well wish from Crafty Nan for me to have even some access to Australian yarn when I go to do my 88 days of rural work for second W&H, 3ply Australian merino. Thank you again Rholab!

This also very lovely skein I bought from the dyer at Paddington's Market this Saturday and it was on sale for A$20 (17€), 80% Australian merino, 20% Nylon. It is so soft!


Did I actually finish it?

I think I did. Finaly! It only took about year and five months and four days. And about 2100 gramms of yarn. I ended up to size 13x14 squares, one square being about 12x12cm, used 14 different colours, (13 each) and there are 9 each left over for Mom to make a blanket to herself if she wishes to. Used 3mm hook. 11 squares/100g of Novita Nalle (Marjaretki/Kukkaketo), 230m/100g.
I LOVE IT! (And due the winter on southern hemisphere I've slept underneath it for many nights already and LOVE IT EVEN MORE!)

(First picture, middle row:) All the pieces are done (14x22) Colours from top left: rose, violet, anemone. Second row top left: lilac, daisy, no-name-green. Third row top left: cloudberry, blueberry, lily-of-the-valley, cress. Bottom row left: lingonberry, cherrytree, bluebell, flower mix


X Marks the Spot

 I LOVE my Knit Pro needles. It was love at the first sight. Few years back I participated to this Scarf Journey-knit along, (to say it simply on Scarf Journey you start a scarf (or socks or a pack or what ever the journey is about) and then sent it to another knitter and then you receive someone else's scarf to knit and the circle goes on till your own scarf is returned to you) and someone's scarf was on Knit Pro interchangeable circular needles. As soon as I found out what needles they are I placed an order to get a set for myself as well. 
The starter set I got had 8 tips, few cables and the key, and they came in very nice plastic case, but since I've got more tips and DPN's the case is too small to house all of them (even all of the tips or heads). And let's face it, it is not the easiest way to keep track of your needles when they are individually packed. So, I've long thought (OK, let's speak of these matters with theyr real names, dreamed) to have fabric cases for my needles, and today I finaly made them!
I HATE sewing. Simply hate it, have always hated. Really hate. Really, really HATE, you know. I got sewing machine as a graduation present few years ago and so far I've sewn the yarn basket and the pillow case and  even then I nearly threw the machine to nearest wall. I just don't get along with HER. So, today I used my Mom's sewing machine (I DID try to use my own, but it didn't work out) and now I finaly have a nice to store my needles, and it is always easy to see which needles are in use.
The main fabric is Marimekko's Unikko (Poppy), that I bought last summer from the Marimekko factory outlet in Kitee, and the linen is some (old?) sheet that I found years ago from the same shelf where my old bed linens were. 

Well, those ain't that pretty, but I made them! Abd won't be needing any new needles in near future.

And to be mentioned, I'm just about four rows short of finishing the granny square blanket!


Ms. Cutie & co

I don't know why I just had to crochet this particular lovely and little freak-ish Eplehant (misspelling intended). I fell in love to this pattern years ago, and actually started to crochet it back when I was living in Kuopio, with much thicker yarn and 6-8mm hook, and it was huge (to fit a 55x75cm pillow), and around the neck I begun to fear that I'd run out of yarn, so I frogged it. This time I used left over Egypto Cotton and 4mm hook. It took 220g (110g each color) and it is little bigger than the model. I call her Ms. Cutie, and she is looking for a life-long friendship and a new home to accompany a little girl. Maybe, she has a change to get into Vihti to be befriended with the little Middle Monkey (her mother's nickname, not mine), and I'm quite happy to approve this "adoption".

I'm nice and round, my ears are big and eyes wide, I've short tail (althought I can't see it), and all in all I'm very cute, so that makes me the perfect Eplehant, doesn't it?

 I've used some of my sock weight yarns to make baby blankets. More than few of my colleagues have becomen mothers recently and since I like knitting things for babies at least two of them will get a blankie, if they want (of course).
First one is huge granny square in shades of green with 8mm hook and about 395g. Fourth one of them, the first one is in Lievestuore (near Jyväskylä), the second one is in Hongkong and the third, I don't even know, but probably in Vaasa (West Finland) of in somewhere South Sudan (it was a baptism gift to a Finnish-Southsudanese boy), and I haven't seen them in a long time.
The second blanket is Ten Stitch Blanket with 7,5mm needles and abot 410g of yarn in shades of green and blue. The idea of this blanket is very nice and maybe I'll knit another one with same pattern.

Top row: New Granny squara blanket made out of greenish sock yarns, the the first ever gigant Granny made of Moss Space, Second is made of left over bulky and super bulky yarns, thrid one (middle row) out of Novita Mambo and Novita Jenga, Ten Stitch Blanket, (bottom row) Gigant square made for my first niece/nephew-to-be with Novita Karuselli, New blanket made of Regia Socken Monster and Viking Baby Ull, and last is a blanket made of Novita Huopanen.



As the "D-Day" Approaches

It has been a long time since I blogged last time, and a lot has come together since. The "D-Day", the day that the stash has to be empty and magazines and books sold and stored, is now set. Finaly I've made the decisions, and at the end of July I'm going to make the biggest change of my life so far and move to Australia.

 Knittingwise, well, at the end of March we traveled to Tallins (capitol of Estonia) with the knitting group "Neuleharput" (which means both knitting hags and this knitting i-cord device) and of course our main target was the Karnaluks-crafting store. All Finnish knitters know Karnaluks out of large selection of all the possible textile crafting supplies and of the cheap prices, if you buy more than ten of the same item. And we (or at least I believe it is "we") are very grateful that Karnaluks is "cash only"-shop, as usually everyyone end up spending more money that they intended. We had our own conference space at the ferry between Helsinki and Tallins, and of course we knitted a lot, ate well and laughed all day long. I got, as planned, few new crocheting hooks, buttons and a zipper, and some miscellaneous knitting stuff. No new yarns. =o)

When traveling with knitters one has to have something to knit with, and in this case I hade sleeves for a baby jacket. The Annual ferry-lottery gave me this year this lovely project bag (Thank you again KristiinaS!). The Door to Karnaluks is very difficult to find, as this small sign is the only one. The Estonian Wools are from Pronksi Lõnga pode.

In mid-April I had invited all the Neuleharput-knitters to visit me, and at the same time we had a farewell party. Again, plenty of kntting, eating and laughing, yet, very bittersweet, as I know that I will miss them terribly and feel already an outsider as they plan a head to visit the Wollmeisse-store in Germany etc. We used most of my Kool Aids and it was suprising to how many vivid knitters the dying with Kool Aid was a new thing.

To complete the set with the "Baby Sophisticate" I knitted a pair of pants out or purpple and teal Aino.

And since the Junior was born in late April, I had to speed up all my another knittings I had planned to give him. So the third pair of overall-pants I've knitted with the same pattern and then a jacket (without the hood) and a beanie. I used Nalle Colori and Nalle Solids and 3-3½mm needles. According to Junior's Mom's wishes I then started to knit a larger overall to fit to Junior at next autumn. For this overall I'm using 7Veljestä Jättiraita-yarn, that is self-striping yarn with long colour runs. I have good 900g´s of this yarn, and so far it seems that the overall is taking maybe 300g.

The beanie took only few hours to make and it is a nice way to store the extra button. I like how the buntches give an adult look to this toddler jacket,

I've made three sets with the same pattern of the pants. The first one went to our librarian in Lehtikangas, Kajaani, the second one to knitting friend in Prague, and the third one to my dear friend.

My Grandma turned 70 years old on Ascension Day, and I had thought to knit her a Northern Lights-shawl. Good plan, exept I had forgotten to take my 6½mm Knit Pro´s with me, as I left for my summer vacation, and I had to buy these awful Novita knitting needles, that were on size 7mm still metallic, and weighted more than the acryllic 12mm Knit Pro heads, and don't even get me started of the cable of the circular needles, as I'm not even sure if it could be called "a cable". Anyway, I managed to knit the shawl, and used 240g of 7Veljestä Jättiraita-yarn, the leftovers of my skirt.

It is quite big (and just to compare to the Northern Lights-shawl that I knitted to my Mom for X-mas)

Then to my "favourite" projects, aka blankets. All of the granny squares are done. All 308 of them. I have joined maybe 2½ rows of them, and figgured out that only half of them will make a very nice sized blanket. Plus, I've started another Granny Square Blankie, that I crocheted with 8m hook and with 4 4-ply yarns compined. With the same compination, I'm now knitting a "Ten Stitch Blanket", that is also almost finished (I'll have a lot of weaving and blocking to do).   

One of my "friends" passed away in January (breast cancer in age of of 60+), and I have been having troubles to say to her widower that I'm very sorry for his loss. And I even was complained about that by a mutual (older) friend. So, what would say "I'm sorry for your loss" better than a pair of socks? Yarn once again 7Veljestä Raita and 7Veljestä Solids (my last skein of that), neeldes 3½mm, patter as usuall the basic.

Touch of red to remind the life will eventually win
 During my knitting years (going on 7+) I've knitted many pairs of socks to my parents, bro, grandparents, cousins and greatgrandma. I didn't used to take pictures of all of them, since who would be interested to see yet another dull pair of socks? I think that I even didn't take a picture of Ravelympics 2010's WIP's Dancing-socks, that was one of the three pairs of socks I finished during the games.

Fro the top: My first ever sock, knitted when I was 11-12 years old. Never finished the second one, since it was way too wide. X-mas gift socks to my parents: Kneehighs for Mom '05, Viking cable socks for Mom '09 (finished during Ravelympics '10), basic socks for Daddy '09, Viking cable socks for Bro '08, and Entrelacsocks for Daddy '06.

When we (my cousins and I) were little girls we used to play with these dolls when visiting Grandma's place. I think my Aunt has made the blond and her best friend the brunette doll, and what bothers me greatly is, that always and ever, the black dress belonged to the brunette doll, that was "my" doll, as I have dark hair and my cousins had blond hairs, and the white dress was with the blond doll. If one of my great-uncles and great-aunt-in-laws hadn't been there when I took the picture, I probably would have redressed the dolls. =o)

I found these from my late-Greatgrandma's bookshelv. Guess what they are made of?? The one who said old beer cans was right.


If There Is Nothing To Do...

First the finished projects. I still find it difficult to finish my WIP's and UFO's. It is like everything and anything else is more interesting than those projeckts I started last summer. And since I've needed to tier down one project few times, it is like nothing is getting foward. 

One of my friends is having a baby in May and since it's going to be a boy and she doesn't like blue, I feel that I can help her with the blue-knittings. The jacket is Baby Sophisticate and I knitted of left over Novita Aino-yarn with 5,5mm needles and it took approx 100g. This was second top down pattern for babywear I've tried and to be honest, I'm growing fond of the method.

 I've always wanted to have a pair of stranded knittined mittens, but my efforts to actually knit nice looking fair-isle mittens have ended up to be frogged and forgot. So, I decided to try it a little different way. I casted on one pair of the Haavisto-mittens with 6,5mm needles and Sandnes Garn Fritidsgarn. Too bad, the winter is almost past, so I can't wear them anymore...

Top: before wash, Bottom: after three washes

 And, I have finished one of my three blankets. Also that was frogged two or three times until I was happy with it. It is basic crocheting with triple Novita Nalle Four Seasons and 8mm hook.

Knitted sideways with stipes10-8-6-4-2. Note the crab-edging, my first ever.

 And then to my WIP's and UFO's... Sorry about the pictures, the sun was shining on Monday when I took the pictures while cleaning up the livingroom. 

The big left over-blanket and granny squares. (Due the Picassa-insident I've lost rest of the pictures of WIP's and UFO's I had at the time. There were plenty of them.)


Finishing the New Instead of the Old

So, I have 20+ WIP´s and UFO´s. How to solve that? Naturally, you start at least few new knttings, how else?
At first I wanted to use the left over 7Veljestä I had from the Lanesplitter, version 2. So, I knitted this Hitchiker-type of scarf of all my 7Veljestä Raita-yarns, that I had only small amounts left. I used to small needles for this project, as it is recomended to use 4mm needles for 7Veljestä (I usually use 3,5mm) and I used 3,75mm needles, as they were at hand, thou I can't remember why. =o) Anyway, it took about 200gramms of yarn, in several colours, and I couldn't block it the way I would've wanted, so it doesn't look very nice, but I like it. And, I have to admit, I love all those nice comments I've been getting from fellow knitters. =o)
I don't like how the blocking came out.
A friend of a friend, or so, had a baby recently, and I was invited to the baptism of the baby-boy, or so I was told. What it comes to a present, I thought to make a blanket, as the selection for boys is not that extensive, especially for dk-cotton. So, for the first time in my life, I tunisian-crocheted this 80x80cm blanket of Novita Luxus Cotton-yarn in light blue. The hook was 5mm. Of course, at the baptism I found out that the baby was actually a girl. 

After the blanket I wanted to make something light and funny,and I remembered this turtle-pattern that I crocheter years ago to my Godson. It was huge, but nice, so I made a new one, lot smaller though. I used doubled Fabel and 4mm crocheting hook. The mixed shades of two threads of Fabel combined lead to fabulous colours! I gave it to a colleague of mine that had child a while ago.
The gigantic one is now serving as a door block (for wind and coldness), as mu Godson and his Bro how grown out of it. I love the new turtle, it looks so sweet!
As the pictures of the "To OFT Friends"-posting may already have told you, I was in Kuopio meeting  my family and friends, and while I was there, I knitted the boobwarmer that my Auntie wanted. I used this so called fake cable-lace  instead of the cable in the original pattern. It took about 250grams or so (Mom doesn't have a scale (just yet)).
I finished the boobwarmer on Friday. It was the only knitting I had with me in Kuopio, and I had three more days of my vacation left. So, I decided to knit a Ethiopia coatee of the left over yarn. I didn't quite measure up, so I went throug Mom's stash and the best option was to finish with Tennessee-cotton.
That was on Sunday, before the Sunday-night movie. So, another visit to Mom's stash (and it is not big), and she decided to donate/give up of a skein of 7Veljestä in jeansblue. I thought to make her a scarf with lover´s knot-crochet. My first time crocheting the lover´s knot in rectangle, and of course, I didn't have a pattern for it. =o) I had to remake the first few rows once, but then I figured out how to turn in sides.
While in Kuopio, I visited this Tumppurekka (Mittens Truck) with one of my knitting friends. This was a third year when Novita and Marttaliitto organized a truck tour with yarn-related theme. First year it was socks, last year it was Granny Squares and this year mittens. (You can read about last year's tour of my post Girls' Day Out, Feb 2011). 
The lovely display of mittens. Exept that they were teaching how to make tassels, nothing else.
Since then I've knitted one sock to a friend, we traded two pairs of ear rings to one pair of socks. I can't start the next one, until she has tried if the sock fits. I haven't knitted size 35 socks ever and I haven't got any idea what is the right size. And crocheted few more granny squares and continued to crochet a large blanket of Nalle Four Seasons. I hope to finish it soon. =o)
Blast from past. I knitted this wrap to my Mom years ago for Christmas. She loves it. It is propably the only thing that I've knitted that she wears and uses on regular bases
Dear Readers, meet Ressu. My first ever plushie. Suffered time and playing, but still dear to me. He now lives in my Mom's sewing basket with my Bro's Pink Pather, that is his first ever plushie. Just as wounded in action as Ressu is, and as dear to my Bro as Ressu is to me. May they rest in peace, but never to be forgotten.


To OTF-Friends...

You got to love Snow!
(Not to mention that during these pictures taken between 3. and 5. of February the temperature has been down, up to -30 degrees Celcius).


New Year, Old Projects

As you might guess I didn't finish all of my 24 KyJy-projects in time. Actually, I did finish 13 of them and one twice. The 14th project I finished on 25th, so one day too late. A side I've knitted two pairs of socks and started few new projects, but more about those later.

So, the 9th KyJy was Annis (or sort of mini-Annis, since I had casted on 50 stitches too little). I used Mini-Palett Superwash in green-blue tone, and with additional crocheted edge it weighted 52g.
Bobbles, NEVER again!

Tenth KyJy was a pair of toe-up-socks of 7Veljestä Raita, colour "Candy". I don't know why the colour reminds me of candies. The pair took 122g, and a colleague of mine bought them by charity donation.


The eleventh and twelfth finished projects were socks to my Godson and cousin. Two pairs to the younger one, since one pair wasn't over 50g and one pair to the older one. (Then of course, one of my side-projects was another pair for the older one). I used the Maija-yarn we Kool Aided in June in addition with Novita Nalle, jeans-colour with blue and brown with pink. 

The last project finished in time included three washing cloths. Two in Catan colour and one in some cotton yarn purchased from Lidl. All together worth of 63g. I crocheted those with two different patterns that I found on Ravelry back in mid-November, but can't remember them any longer.
The re-knitted project was the Lanesplitter. After using it few times it had almost doubled its size, and since it was little too big to beging with, I decided to tear it down and use the yarn for another skirt. The new skirt I knitted with tripled 7Veljestä with 9mm needles. It weighted 750g and it is much smaller this time. And I love it. =o)

The 14th finished KyJy, that I finished too late, was the Lyylit-socks (my own entrelac-pattern you can find from the side panel) knitted from Novita Nalle Colori's and Novita Jussi. The socks were a X-mas present to my Daddy. Weight was approx 150g.

The latest, and the first finished project for this year is a pair of socks. I used Novita 7Veljestä Raita, the black-gray-white-self stripeing yarn and it took almost the whole skein, althought the socks weighted only 133g (and the left over for 4g). So, the skein was very dry, as it is supposed to weight 150g. My regular "socks for average man"-pattern with French heel.

I just reliased that I haven't posted  a picture of my Mom's knitted assessories-set that I gave her for X-mas 2010. The beanie is my first Mario-berret out of Novita Aino and the scarf is my first Baktus-type scarf out of Novita Jussi.
Yes, it is GREEN

During the year 2011 I've used 7,53kilos of yarn in finished products. The stash is approx 22,3kilos.
WIP's and UFO's will be presented later. Happy New Year 2012 and may it be plenty on knitting and otherwise lovely and nice.