The First Eight KyJy-Projects

I've finaly finished the first eight KyJy-projects. Timewise, it is past half, so I'll have to hurry up a little. Although, I think I've finished the biggest ones, but there are still few quite large pieces to knit.
The projects in order of finishing:
1. Mario-beret made of Novita Puro in Autumn Colors (ruska), with 5mm needles and weighting 53g, thanks to all of those knots in the yarn. I'll never buy more Puro, that's for sure. This will go to personal use most likely.
Third time does the charm.
10. Socks made of Novita Jussi in green and red, with 3,5mm needles and weighting 156g. The pattern is my "regular socks for man"-pattern, very basic and easy to knit. I used Welsh-heel as usuall. These went to a friend, as a some sort of thank you-gift as well as farewell-gift.
How can the colours vary this much due lighting?
24. Etiopia-babywear (in Finnish) made of Novita Nalle, hand dyed with Kool Aid, with 3,25mm needles and it weights 91g. I gave this to a co-worker expecting her firstborn some time in November.
Suitable for boys and girls.
20. Monarch-shawl made of Novita Nalle, hand dyed with vinegar and candycolours, with 4,5mm needles and used 140g. I knitted the shawl to be as large as possible with the one skein I had. I love the colour and the shawl.
Repeated the first chart for half of the yarn and used the rest for the rest of the charts
7. Tunic made of Novita Nalle and Novita Rose Mohair, with 9mm needles and used altogether 555g of yarn. Pattern is from Novita-magazine, Winter 2009, pattern 46. I've used this already few times and it is quite nice actually.

21. Cable-socks made of Novita 7veljestä Raita with 3,5mm needles and used 145g. I was supposed to knit the Entrelac-socks but the yarn didn't work for it, so in 5th of August I ended up with this pattern. These are still looking an owner.

11. Northern Lights-shawl (in Finnish) made of Novita 7veljestä Raita, with 6mm needles and used 257g of yarn. Merry Christmas Mom.

19. Lanesplitter made of Novita 7veljestä Raita, in two different shades, with 5,5mm needles and used 485g of yarn. Can't wait to wear it!
I seam to be wearing the same shirt in every picture...
And one extra project from a boring Sunday evening with The Lord of the Rings-trilogy:
A blankie made of Novita Foxi doublled with 12mm needles. Took the whole kilo I had. I used similar technique than Lanesplitter. Easiest and quickest kilo of yarn I've ever knitted. This heads in time to a friend, or actually her son for the winter to be wored in sled to keep him warm.

 Nice Autumn and Happy Knitting everyone