The Playground for the Rest of the Year

So, I've actually managed to start ALL 24 projects for KyJy (in Finnish). One I've so far finished, but more about that when I've managed to finish at least seven another projects. I have two sweaters, one jacket, one tunic, several socks and few mittens, two baby-size dresses, a beanie, shawls, a charity baby-wear and a skirt.
Somewhere between all the starts I managed to put the buttons for the cotton jackets for my friend's babies and sent those out. =o)

My KyJy-list:
- Mario
- Haavisto-mittens with patterns 45 and 95
- Socks for my Cousin
- Socks for my Godson
- Sweater 
- Annis
- Tunic
- Baby dress
- Baby dress
- Sock for a friend
- Northern Lights (in Finnish)
- Sweater
- Fairisle socks
- Fairisle socks
- Squirrel and Oak mittens
- Toe-up socks
- Mittens for my Godson and Cousin
- Jacket
- Lanesplitter
- Monarch
- Entrelac socks with my own pattern
- Washcloths
- Entrelac socks with my own pattern
- Etiopia-babywear

Not much to knit, right?

My Friend is learning to knit socks. She found a pattern for heel flap from the Net. It turned out quite interesting.  

She had knitted *slip one, knit one* and the alter rows *knit one, slip one*. I could have not managed to knit anything like that, even on purpose.