How WiP's become UFO's and sometimes even FO's?

Few years ago (in September/October 2008) I started to cross-stitch portrates of those five breeds of dogs my grand-parents have had. Needlles to say, it wasn't finished for the Christmas 2008. Nor for the Christmas 2009. Nor for the Christmas 2010. This year I decided to finish. So, at my second last day in Kuopio I managed to finish it. Five dogs, or dog heads actually, it felt like it is never going to be ready. I don't like cross-stitching. The patterns are from three issues of Suuri Käsityölehti  of '98-'99.

After returning home I've been knitting yet a pair of Back to Basics from the blue Flusi das Sockenmoster-yarn I bought from Joensuu (because I couldn't find it from Menita Outlet). Then I wanted to make the numbers look better, so I knitted MarioBeret from the first season's Novita Puro colour called heather. The quality of the yarn, was once again a disappointment. The rest of the three skeins (or less than two at the time) became a scarf, a basic Karius-type shawl (didn't use any pattern thou). 5mm neeldes for both, and I actually needed to open also one skein of another colour of Puro. I don't how that is possible, but that's the case...

 After giving a lot of thought I decided to join the KAL called KyJy, which main point is to start 24 knittings between Midsummer's Eve (24th of June) and 10th of August and finish all of those by the Christmas Eve (the abbreviation comes from the Finnish name of the KAL, Kesäyöstä Jouluyöhön). To each knitting everyone has to use 50g or 250m of yarn.
So, my first KyJy-knitting is another MarioBeret from the rest of the Puro. 

I've been having a sort of another summer vacation, as my Godson and his family visited me over the few days. We went to the Korkeasaari (the Helsinki Zoo) and to the Heureka (Science Park in Vantaa). Both that I've visited last time on our sixth grade field trip at the end of the 90's. The boys found my close by beach that I didn't manage to find last summer, and had a lovely evening swimming. Last we visited IKEA, which was rather interesting. Once my parents get here, for their visit, I think we'll have to go there again. =o)
The Boys and I did some Kool Aiding this morning, both got two skeins of Sandesgarn's Maija in ivory and two packs of Kool Aid. I dyed some Hjertegarn's 4-ply sockwool. Older one wanted to have pink-orange yarn and the younger blue-green yarn. I had blue-pink yarn. Can't wait to get knitting those.

Would you like to have some... yarn soup?

Cooling down
Mine is on top, left one is for the Older Boy and the right one for the Younger Boy


Pictures, finaly

So, I'm finally allowed to post pictures of the babywear I've been knitting during the spring. The thick ones are already with the new owners, and the rest will go out sometime this or next week.
These are knitted of left over Aino-yarn. It took 100g per jacket. The pattern is from the book Puikoissa (In the Needles) by Anu Harkki, ment for cotton yarn, but worked out quite nicely for wool also. 6mm neeldes.
The socks were the first items I knitted, and at the time the colourscheme wasn't certain just yet. Knitted of Nalle-yarn with 3mm neeldes. Size for 70cm (?). The pattern is traditional.
These are knitted of Koll-Aided Nalle-yarn. The pattern is by Drops. One 150g skein per jacket and some terracotta for finishing. Size for 3-6 months.
The last set of jackets is maybe half done, with Sunnyside, of the Egyptian cotton I got in April from Menita. I've knitted one and half of the second one, but haven't finished the first one so far. The pattern is top down, a new technigue to me, but I like it.

I have only one more granny square to crochet of the first half, so 98 squares done and counting... And I've digged up my cross stitch-project as well, I'm hopeing to finish it soon, so the Granny and Grandpa would get their Christmas present from the 2008 before Chritmas 2011. =o)

Other than that, I've been visiting my parents (and other relatives and friends) in Savonia and Karelia, and oh boy all those memories brought back.
 Maybe I really need to reconsider moving back to Eastern Finlad, or maybe not. As I have a steady job now.