Only True Addict Can Do This

I went to Helsinki today. Not that it is something unusual, as I go to Helsinki most Sundays, but today, I went there for shopping. I was thinking to go to WSOY's bookstore for some cheap bookclub books (I won't pay 5,9€ for postals, but 8€ for bus is fine). I even had a list of books I wanted.
Of course I found some other books as well, but only true yarn addict can find yarn from bookstore, and it is on SALE!
So, I got 1600g of yarn in three different types, and in various colours. The yarns used to be these free gifts from the bookclub if you bring new members, so they were in a set. And there also were some new Addi needles, but I'll give them to some friend. =o)

Lately I've been knitting still the babywear for my friend's twins, and I already have maybe half done of the things I wish to knit for starters. Still no pictures, as I don't know if they are born just yet.