Spring or even summer... in April?

Easter passed by in lovely weather and in good company. One of the highlights was of course that I got my computer back from the warranty repairs, but mostly this Easter was about being at the church and hanging out with some friends. We went to a concert on Friday, Turkish (or was it Armenian?) restaurant on Saturday, had the traditional Easter Morning breakfast on Sunday and ended the Easter at Monday in my place with nice Finnish Easter meal (meaning no lamb but pork). It seems that I'm starting to settle in in Espoo. Wasn't big fan of the Turkish food thou. In general the Easter was very nice. =o) 
The weather was lovely as said. I could wear a knee long skirt with out being cold, which is nice of course. And I don't have to wear those heavy shoes either, but can wear nice sandals instead. The spring is defenetly here, maybe even the summer, and it is just end of April! 

On the knitting and crocheting front it has been quite quiet. I'm still working on the second jacket and started the seventh skein for the granny squires. I have no interest on any craft at the moment. But I hope it'll pass.


WIP's and UFO's of the Nook

Starting from the oldest UFO, this is a left over blanket, with my own pattern, althought the idea came from Scarf Journeys- group in Ravelry. The idea is very simply, moss stitch and each row is knitted with individual yarn(s). Every three ends are binded together. This blanket will propably go to charity, if I ever finish. I've been knitting this on and off since last June, and so far it is about 40cm high and weights more than a kilo, the width is maybe 180cm with approx 214 stitches and 6mm needles.
The next blanket I started in February, in order to get rid of the furry Novita Foxi-yarn. The other rows are knitted from Novita Aino and Novita Nalle combined. The Ainos are left overs of my jacket I made last autumn. This will also be going to charity, or something like that. So far it is about 20cm high and the widht is supposed to be 160cm, but it is closer to 110cm. So far there are almost two skeins of Foxi and some what two skeins of Aino in three different colours, and maybe 30g of orange Nalle
The third blanket is the granny square-blanket I'm crocheting to myself. 11 squares in five colours and 7 of the green ones. So, little over one quater of the squares I'll need are done. With 3mm hook one 100g skein makes 11 squares and little left overs for the blanket shown first. =o)
The second oldest project I started after Christmas. I was supposed to give these to our priest, as he got a son around that time. Then I came up with the ideas of the Knitter's Year and Knitter's Almanac, and I didn't finish. Now he has out grown these, so when I'll have time I'll finish these to give somebody else. (Or maybe save these for my possible nephew).
 Then I have some Scarf Journeys homed artefacts, as the Plastic Extravaganza purse waiting to be lininged, the socks from the sock journey one, and the scarf from the jourey 12. These need finishing and stuff like that.
I have two the Knitter's Year -projects going at the moment. The needlecase and the belt. They both are waiting some sewwing. Maybe I'll finish these during the weekend.
Then I have two jackets on the needles (or the other is almost finished and needs just some crocheting) for my friend's twins. I'm using Kool Aided Nalle-yarn and 3mm needles. And as said before, no pictures until they are born, and the knitted things are with them.
(Due the Picasa insident I don't have pictures for this post any longer)