Three and Four Down, 48 to Go

Today I've finished project for week three, the Flower Pot Cozies, as I finaly had time to sew those together. Maybe I'll buy three pots just to see how those fit. =o). Total use of yarn was 19g in three different colours with 3½mm needles, that once again were KnitPro interchangeables.

After sewing I knitted this week's project, the rose. I used Novita 7Veljestä Raita-yarn that is self striping yarn. For the leafs I used Novita Jussi. Total use of yarn was less than 6g, as the whole project with the pin weights 6g. 3½mm needles. Took about 2 hours total. 
Well, it is not a completely look-a-like, but then again, it was my first knitted rose or other flower, ever. =o) And it has been knitted just as the pattern tells to knit. Just with smaller needles.
What it comes to my January Aran... Well, thank God I'll have three days time just for knitting... =o)


Introducing Ms Yeti

Yesterday I felt that I needed something else to knit. The January Aran is coming, I just finished the first 150g ball as well as decreases of underarm. I've known for sometime now that my mittens are becoming to their end, and the need for new ones will be acute quite soon. I wanted to have playfull and funny mittens that would make me smile everytime I wear them, and hopefully, they'd also make other people to smile. I choosed two yarns, my first choice was teal-colored yarn, but as there were less of that that I remembered, I went with purple. The yarn is one of my favourites, aran weight non-felting wool Novita Aino, that has not been in Novita's prodution plan for years anymore. The other yarn is soft funny fur, Novita Tango in ivory colour. The mix of these two is very snowy but some what femine as well. So the pattern got the name Ms Yeti.
I used approx 50g of both yarns, if I had have more fun fur I would have made little bigger mittens, but the size is large enough for my hands. I used 5mm KnitPro interchangeables for magic loop and knitting the mittens took about 7 hours. It took almost as long to write the pattern.
By the way, if you notice any problems with the pattern, let me know, thanks.


Projects for the Week Three

This week on "Knitter's Year" is flower pot cozies. Because my cotton stash is minimal, I decided to use some wool/polyamid-yarn, Nalle. It is one of favourites, and it also is the yarn I'm working at the moment for the jacket.
I knitted the flower pot cozies already on Thursday, and pinded them today. I did all the three at the one time. I think that on the rib-pattern has a mistake the cable doesn't look the same on the picture and on the knitted product. So, instead of knitting cable twists every fourth row, I did them on every other row, which led to the hoped result.
 The jacket is still work in process... The back at the height of underarm and the rest will come quite fast. Will see how the sleeves and front parts will do.


Two Down, Fifty to Go

Last week's project was the pillow cover with knitted lace. I started knitting on Thursday on my way to our monthly get-together with small (but open) group of knitters. Usually in these get-togethers I knit socks, so it was a nice change. I love to have that one evening off, just laugh and talk with similar-minded people, people with whom I couldn't ever image being friends with if there weren't knitting, so versile our group is. Thank you all, you know who. =o)
 I finished the knitting on Monday after three night shifts. Quite a few of my colleaques did show their intrest of my knitting, and maybe one might be interested to buy it. I pinded it down after cutting the lining (not the right thing to do!!).
I used 170g of yarn, with 4mm needles. At work I knitted with my old Novita-circular needles, and it was the very last time I'll use them (okay, I have Knit Pros starting from the size 3½mm). The cable is unuseable!
 Today I sew the pillowcase, and to be honest, knowing my sewing skills, it was better than most of my sewing projects. =o) I noticed little too late that I don't have anything to keep the pillow inside, so I sew some strings to the upper edge, and for my oppinion, they work nicely. Or what do you think about it?

 Yesterday there was another get-together with some other knitters. I had with me my jacket, that I had to frog for size not matching up. Now I'm using ½mm larger needles and I chose bigger size as well. I'm some what 10cm short from the under arm. Luckily, I'll have weekend off.


Projects for the Week Two

I've been having once again a crazy week, with only one day off. As whole Monday went with sewing of the basket, I didn't manage to start this week's "Knitter's Year"'s project until on Thursday. I'm still pre-occubaed with Scarf Journeys-group's sock journey. We are nearly done, as there are only few more steps left. I can't wait to see my socks and wear them as well!
This week's project is a pillow cover, which I do from Kotiväki-yarn. The colour is lilac and as last week I've tripled the yarn. For reason or another this colour is much softer than the Colori-yarn I knitted last week.
The sweater looks just like last week. I've knitted maybe three or four rows.
Hopefully next night is as calm as last night and I'll have some time to knit at work, so that I might finish the pillow cover on Monday.


One Down, 51 to Go

As you may guess, the first "Knitter's Year"-project is finished (and not one stich too soon, if asked from my thumps). Total use of yarn (Novita Kotiväki Colori) was 240g with 4mm needles. The yarn was tripled. 
For the lining I used some second-hand fabric I got years ago (okey, it was November 8th 2007, day after Jokela, as well as the day my friend had her second son) from Red Cross Sorting Centre of Joensuu. It was also the last time I visited my now late Great-Grandma near by Joensuu. The winter was early and the drive from Kajaani to North Karelia was terrible. It had been snowing the roads were very slipery  Once I got there I heard about the Jokela, and much of the joy of meeting Great-Grandma and Grandma was gone. I didn't think about it this year when my Bro and SiL and I went to Great-Grandma's funeral in early November. She was tremendeous knitter and spinner, but not much of a crochetter. I miss her so much.
So, after good breakfast I started to plan my sewing. First  cut all the pieces, as the lining is not done from one piece. Then I fought good fight with my sewing machine, as I used it for the very first time, and won the fight as well. 
I sew it to round first and then attached the bottom, which wasn't the easiest thing to do. Maybe I should start reading the pattern all together before starting the planning on my own.  

So, when both baskets were finaly somewhat ready, I started to sew by hand those two to together. This is were my thupms come in, as my needle wasn't sharp enough for the job.
And here is the finished project in all its glory. (Don't watch it too closely or you'll notice way too many mistakes).
The fabric of lining is very summery and it provides an easy escape of the long and dark Finnish winter.
Hopefully, I'll have time tomorrow to start the next project. I already bought the fabric for the pillowcase needed for it, as I found very nice crafts store from close by.
Happy knitting everyone!


Projects for the Week One

After infernal Monday at work (and I'm truly talking about infernal), I finaly managed to get The Knitter's Year on Tuesday, and started the first project today. My plan is to knit all the 52 projects in the order those are in the book. 
The first project is knitted basket. And the yarn from my stash is Novita's Kotiväki Colori, a mercerized cotton, 165m/50g tripled. It is multicolour yarn with white, pink and mint, and when tripled it has areas with all possible combinations, and it looks very nice. I'm using 4mm needles. Haven't thought yet which fabric I'll put inside, but I have some ideas.  
So far I have done the first side and started the bottom and two other sides. Note my mix and match KnitPros, as the other clear one wasn't fine in the beginning, I got the pinks to cover them.
What it comes to my jacket, I've never before knitted adult size jacket from this thin yarn, and never thought how much time it is going to take. I've managed to knit the decreasings of the back and will soon begin the increases of shaping the waist. 
Slowly, but steady, I hope it'll be finished during this month.


Taking the First Step

Aka, finding a pattern for aran sweater and for the yarn I have. After much thought and glancing through few books and several knitting magazines, I found lovely short sleeved jacket for the yarn I'm going to use to this project. Or what do you think? I'm going to knit that in dark blue and full leght sleeves. The yarn is old Novita Nalle, and I purchased it in July 2009 to knit a jacket of it. I had a certain pattern in mind, but these days I find that paticular pattern little too conservative to myself.
For the first time I also truly understood the handyness of interchangeable needles, as my 3½mm circular needle was in use already (I'm knitting a baby set for someone, but that is a secret), but now I just could take the needle points off and start the jacket, just to get things started.
And to get the another project started as well, I'll go tomorrow to buy the Bliss' book, instead of waiting it to be delivered by mail in mid-February, from crafters' bookclub Juju.


Setting the goal

Dear Readers,
I hope there will be readerS, not just A reader. Maybe fellow knitters, or other people interested of knitting. I do appriciate all individual readers, so please do feel welcome to leave a comment. 
The new year and the new decade has just began. And althought I've promised long ago not to make any promises for the new year, this year I want to try something like that. 
As many knitters, I have a huge stahs of yarn. Many of them I've purchased in good faith to knit something paticular out of them, but for reason or another have not do so, so far at least. Some of them are "what was I thinking"-yarns, and I'm struggling to find a useable pattern to work. So, as my first goal for the year 2011, I try my best to cut down my stahs from almost thirty kilos (28,4 kg to be exact) to as close to five kilos or less as possible. This naturaly also means that before reaching the maggical 5 kg, I'm ought not to buy any new yarn.
I do have two other goals for this year as well. I want to try knit all the 52 projects from Debbie Bliss' "Knitter's year" and all the projects from Elizabeth Zimmermann's "Knitter's Almanac". Wish me luck. 
Oh, and I do have a full-time job.