55 Mornings Before Christmas

 My dear Auntie told me today that she would like to have a new boobwarmer. I knitted her one few years back for Chistmas. Little later they moved, and her DH managed to donate it to local Red Cross' charity sale by accident.
So, I decided to knit one, althought, I don't know about the timetable yet. But I did chooce the yarn, and since I don't have any of her colours, I Kool Aided the yarn. I used four different colours, orange, red, burgundy and purpple and two skeins of Novita Nalle in pure white.


61 Mornings Before Christmas

Those of You, who have been following my blog for longer time, know that it is a tradition here in Nook to have a Christmas countdown.
In Finland Christmas is celebrated on 24th of December, and the 25th is called the First Christmas Day, and the Boxing Day is the Second Christmas Day.
I read my old entries for this day and oh all those memories:
On 24th of Oct 2008 I've had a cold and I've been knitting blankets for my Godson and my Cousin. The blankets were made out of variuos yarns and colours and  I've listed my favourites and my most disliked yarns (No digital pictures left)
On 24th of Oct 2009 I had just got the swine flu-shot and it hurt so badly to my left arm that it was difficult to sleep, to dress or lift the arm. It has been a Movie-Saturday and I've been stared at the store because of the painfull arm. My Northern Lights-shawl had been smaller than anyone elses. I was about to embark to my second Traveling Scarves-journey and the beginning piece was entrelac, to which I was not happy with. I had also frogged a washing mitten that my Grand-ma's X-mas present for that X-mas. There was 15% off on all yarns in Anttila with a coupon. I bought my first Nalle Marjaretki-yarns to knit socks to my parents. I had just "published" the Entrelac-socks-pattern and receaved two skeins of feltting yarn as a reward and planned to knit Teddy-Bears out of those. I've aslo planned ahead to call to my cousins on Sunday to discuss about the X-mas present to our Great-Grandma. I swore that it would be the last Christmas I'd do it (and unfortunately it was, she died in 1st of Nov 2010). I was also wondering how to refer to my Cousin's common-law-wife.
My first Northern Lights-shawl, knitted of Estonian wool that my Granny brought to me from Tallinn
Walter/Wilhelm/Vertter before and after the visit to washing maschine
On 24th of Oct 2010 I had just pinded down a Multnomah-shawl to my Mom, and would have needed more needles to make it look nice. I've had the eighth pair of "Unknown"-sock on my needle, and I've just finished the first sock and the second hasn't been that fair either. Apparently I've run out of green 7veljestä-yarn. The stash has been less than 30kg.
Multnomah in Mom's colours knitted from Novita Nalle and 7 Veljestä
Today... I've been knitting socks to my Godson. It is one of the KyJy-projects and I'm using the yarn he kool-aided while visiting here in June.