Spring or even summer... in April?

Easter passed by in lovely weather and in good company. One of the highlights was of course that I got my computer back from the warranty repairs, but mostly this Easter was about being at the church and hanging out with some friends. We went to a concert on Friday, Turkish (or was it Armenian?) restaurant on Saturday, had the traditional Easter Morning breakfast on Sunday and ended the Easter at Monday in my place with nice Finnish Easter meal (meaning no lamb but pork). It seems that I'm starting to settle in in Espoo. Wasn't big fan of the Turkish food thou. In general the Easter was very nice. =o) 
The weather was lovely as said. I could wear a knee long skirt with out being cold, which is nice of course. And I don't have to wear those heavy shoes either, but can wear nice sandals instead. The spring is defenetly here, maybe even the summer, and it is just end of April! 

On the knitting and crocheting front it has been quite quiet. I'm still working on the second jacket and started the seventh skein for the granny squires. I have no interest on any craft at the moment. But I hope it'll pass.

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