Seven Down 45 to Go

Althought it is week nine, I've just accomplished week seven's project from "the Knitter's Year". I started knitting the balls for the necklace while watching Hovimäki-DVD (Finnish history series). I used some leftover yarn, I got last year from the "Favourite Things"-swap, Patons' Silk Bamboo in teal. I used the main part of the two balls I got, to make beanie for myself for last fall. Unfortunately the yarn wasn't very suitable for that use, and after a week or so the beanie was doubled its size (I do still wear it with the biking helmet).

I knitted nine balls for the necklace, all in same colour. Used 3mm needles, and approx 25g of yarn. Instead of using wooden pearls, I used papermash balls. I actually had to make another hole to each of them, as I couldn't find anything else to use for the stuffing. The result is rather nice, but once again, I don't know if I'll have use for it. =o)

Oh, my new slipers. I love them, and wear them most of the time I'm at home. I had to cut little pieces off from the to to actually wear them. And I did let them dry on my feet, so I have left sliper and right sliper. =o)

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  1. Hei minäkin haluaisin tuollaiset hienot helmet.
    Muistaisitko vanhaa tätiäsi sellaisilla violeteilla joskus?