I've actually finished the January Aran jacket, with the pattern I started with. =o) And it only took two months and three quaters of a month to finish. =o)
 It took almost four skeins of Nalle-yarn, knitted with 4mm needles (I usually use 3mm needles for this yarn), but I was amagined to find out that the jacket weights only 561g with the buttons, when it should be much closer to 600g, as one skein is 150g and I ended up with 12g of left over yarn.
The jacket would have needed one more button hole, or I should have started making the button holes maybe 5cm earlier. I should have remembered that the models of Novita magazines have very small breasts. I bought the buttons to be used with this yarn, and luckily I had six of them, because I have had those as long as I have had the yarn, so it would have been impossible to find similar buttons, if I had needed more.
 The pattenr was very nice, and I'm very proud of myself of finishing this project, as I've never knitted anything this big from this thin yarn.

  As I'm finished with this jacket, I'm also finished with my goal to knit through the Knitter's Almanac. I'll try again some time later.


  1. Hieno on vallan! Vihdoinkin löysin tänne sinun blogiisi ja hyvältä näyttää kaikin puolin.

  2. that is a GORGEOUS jacket!! really, really!