Girls' Day Out

After two nightshifts, and only few hours of sleep this morning, I headed to Helsinki to meet Sarsa and Winnie, and Winnie's friend. First we participated to an effort of crocheting world's largest Granny Square Blanket. It was nice to chat while crocheting, althought one of the "teatchers" didn't really aprove the way I did the Granny Square.
So, then we had some lunch, in very nice bistro, where the quality and the price met up very well. Having meal with friends is luxorius in my life, and I think that the food tasted a lot better just because of the company. After coffees and some public knitting/crocheting in cafe, I seduced the others to go with me to Lankamaailma Nordia. I needed or wanted some new Knit Pro circular needles and few interchangeable heads.
For the evening I was recruited to Red Cross voluntary first aid work to Disney on Ice-skating show, by Aava. We didn't talk too much about knitting, but we were paired up, to spare the others of craffts disgussions. We actually saw the whole show, and it was marvelous, although it was comersialism of the Disneyworld.
Thank you all for the company, I had a lovely day, hopefully you had too.

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