Five Down, 47 to Go

This week on "The Knitter's Year"  was the Wash Cloth. And, as today (or actually yesterday) is the first Thursday of the month, it was also the perfect knitting to take along to our monthly get-together in Jumbo. And for a VE-EEEEEEEEE-RY long time I had to use regular knitting needles, instead of circular needle, and it was terrible. 
I used Hjertegarn's Blend Bamboo-yarn, 70% bamboo, 30% cotton with 3mm needles. The wash cloth took about 30g. Previously I've knitted fingerless mittens to my SiL of this yarn and with different shade toe-up socks to my Mom. It is nice and soft, and for what I heard, it should also be quite useable as a wash cloth. Naturally, as the wash cloth is for me, the colour is blue. This was my favourite colour out of the three colours I bought last spring from Nordia during my jobinterview trip, and for some reason also my SiL founds it her favourite, so I don't know how visible accessories I can knit of it to myself.
This is the pair I knitted to my SiL. I think the pattern is from Ulla but I'm not sure. The cuff was longer, but otherwise I followed the pattern. Haven't asked if she has worn these.
My January Aran is still work in progres... The second front part is around under arm, so I'm mainly just sleeves short of being ready. For February Babywear I have several smaller projects planned, and some of them knitted already, but for reasons not mine, I won't be posting a picture of them until late May/early June.
In the internet knitting community Neulomo, I'm a member in, there is an event going on, with 20 starts between 1st and 20th of February and the time to finish by the time DST begins. I'm not participaiting, but if I was, I'd already had three starts and three finished projects with me. Maybe I should rethink about my participation.

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