Six Down, 46 to Go

I just noticed that I haven't knitted last week's "The Knitter's Year"-project, so after finishing the blanket I decided to make out the Granny squares I mentioned on my last post, I dig out from my left over-basket some gray yarn, Novita Rose Mohair and knitted the Bunny Egg Cosy. It took 5 gramms of yarn, and maybe an hour to finish. I used 3mm DPN's. I'm not completely happy with the ears, but then again, I don't know if I'll ever have use for it.

 Yes, the Granny squares. I had yarn for 16 squares in four colours (it would have been too easy if that would have been 4+4+4+4, instead of 4+4+7+1), and some red yarn to combine. I crocheted the squares together and then made the edges with rest of the yarns. I used 7mm hook and the blanket took 355g (all the Huopanen I had left). Will see to whom I'll give it, as the size is only approx 80x80cm. And if nobody wants it, or hasn't have use for it, maybe I'll fellt it and sew it on a pillowcase or something... 
 This year I've already used almost two kilos of yarn. Hopefully, I can keep up with the speed.


I'm Not Interested

January ended over two weeks ago and my January Aran is still work in process. I found pattern to adjust the sleeves, but haven't have an interest to knit the sleeves for more than 7-8cm.
Instead I've been crocheting with fellting yarn, and it has been very nice way to knitting down my stash, as it is fast. First I finished a bag I started in August, the pattern is in Novita Fall 2010 and only in Finnish. The bag took 665g of Novita Huopanen, yarn that is ment for fellting in washing machine. As my washing machine is not really good at fellting, instead of 40C I use 60C degrees wash, and with that I got nice results. 

Before Washing with 1,5l coke bottle
And after
 After the bag I decide to crochet some Granny squares from the rest of Huopanen-stash, and started it, but then I changed my plan and used two balls of yarn to make slipers for myself. I used yellow and orange yarn, one ball each.
Right and left foot

So far I have seven finished Granny squares and five that are just one row short. Unfortunately I had with me at last night only two used balls of yarn, when I would have had time to crochet for all night long, as we had very little work to do. I have no idea what I'll make of the Granny squares, but maybe I'll find it out tomorrow.
Odd granny squares ended up to become a blankie


Girls' Day Out

After two nightshifts, and only few hours of sleep this morning, I headed to Helsinki to meet Sarsa and Winnie, and Winnie's friend. First we participated to an effort of crocheting world's largest Granny Square Blanket. It was nice to chat while crocheting, althought one of the "teatchers" didn't really aprove the way I did the Granny Square.
So, then we had some lunch, in very nice bistro, where the quality and the price met up very well. Having meal with friends is luxorius in my life, and I think that the food tasted a lot better just because of the company. After coffees and some public knitting/crocheting in cafe, I seduced the others to go with me to Lankamaailma Nordia. I needed or wanted some new Knit Pro circular needles and few interchangeable heads.
For the evening I was recruited to Red Cross voluntary first aid work to Disney on Ice-skating show, by Aava. We didn't talk too much about knitting, but we were paired up, to spare the others of craffts disgussions. We actually saw the whole show, and it was marvelous, although it was comersialism of the Disneyworld.
Thank you all for the company, I had a lovely day, hopefully you had too.


Five Down, 47 to Go

This week on "The Knitter's Year"  was the Wash Cloth. And, as today (or actually yesterday) is the first Thursday of the month, it was also the perfect knitting to take along to our monthly get-together in Jumbo. And for a VE-EEEEEEEEE-RY long time I had to use regular knitting needles, instead of circular needle, and it was terrible. 
I used Hjertegarn's Blend Bamboo-yarn, 70% bamboo, 30% cotton with 3mm needles. The wash cloth took about 30g. Previously I've knitted fingerless mittens to my SiL of this yarn and with different shade toe-up socks to my Mom. It is nice and soft, and for what I heard, it should also be quite useable as a wash cloth. Naturally, as the wash cloth is for me, the colour is blue. This was my favourite colour out of the three colours I bought last spring from Nordia during my jobinterview trip, and for some reason also my SiL founds it her favourite, so I don't know how visible accessories I can knit of it to myself.
This is the pair I knitted to my SiL. I think the pattern is from Ulla but I'm not sure. The cuff was longer, but otherwise I followed the pattern. Haven't asked if she has worn these.
My January Aran is still work in progres... The second front part is around under arm, so I'm mainly just sleeves short of being ready. For February Babywear I have several smaller projects planned, and some of them knitted already, but for reasons not mine, I won't be posting a picture of them until late May/early June.
In the internet knitting community Neulomo, I'm a member in, there is an event going on, with 20 starts between 1st and 20th of February and the time to finish by the time DST begins. I'm not participaiting, but if I was, I'd already had three starts and three finished projects with me. Maybe I should rethink about my participation.