Three and Four Down, 48 to Go

Today I've finished project for week three, the Flower Pot Cozies, as I finaly had time to sew those together. Maybe I'll buy three pots just to see how those fit. =o). Total use of yarn was 19g in three different colours with 3½mm needles, that once again were KnitPro interchangeables.

After sewing I knitted this week's project, the rose. I used Novita 7Veljestä Raita-yarn that is self striping yarn. For the leafs I used Novita Jussi. Total use of yarn was less than 6g, as the whole project with the pin weights 6g. 3½mm needles. Took about 2 hours total. 
Well, it is not a completely look-a-like, but then again, it was my first knitted rose or other flower, ever. =o) And it has been knitted just as the pattern tells to knit. Just with smaller needles.
What it comes to my January Aran... Well, thank God I'll have three days time just for knitting... =o)

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