Taking the First Step

Aka, finding a pattern for aran sweater and for the yarn I have. After much thought and glancing through few books and several knitting magazines, I found lovely short sleeved jacket for the yarn I'm going to use to this project. Or what do you think? I'm going to knit that in dark blue and full leght sleeves. The yarn is old Novita Nalle, and I purchased it in July 2009 to knit a jacket of it. I had a certain pattern in mind, but these days I find that paticular pattern little too conservative to myself.
For the first time I also truly understood the handyness of interchangeable needles, as my 3½mm circular needle was in use already (I'm knitting a baby set for someone, but that is a secret), but now I just could take the needle points off and start the jacket, just to get things started.
And to get the another project started as well, I'll go tomorrow to buy the Bliss' book, instead of waiting it to be delivered by mail in mid-February, from crafters' bookclub Juju.

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  1. Alotit sitte uuden blogin! Kiva pohja ja kaikkee. Englantia ymmärrän sujuvasti, mutta en edes yritä kommentoida ku suomeksi....