Setting the goal

Dear Readers,
I hope there will be readerS, not just A reader. Maybe fellow knitters, or other people interested of knitting. I do appriciate all individual readers, so please do feel welcome to leave a comment. 
The new year and the new decade has just began. And althought I've promised long ago not to make any promises for the new year, this year I want to try something like that. 
As many knitters, I have a huge stahs of yarn. Many of them I've purchased in good faith to knit something paticular out of them, but for reason or another have not do so, so far at least. Some of them are "what was I thinking"-yarns, and I'm struggling to find a useable pattern to work. So, as my first goal for the year 2011, I try my best to cut down my stahs from almost thirty kilos (28,4 kg to be exact) to as close to five kilos or less as possible. This naturaly also means that before reaching the maggical 5 kg, I'm ought not to buy any new yarn.
I do have two other goals for this year as well. I want to try knit all the 52 projects from Debbie Bliss' "Knitter's year" and all the projects from Elizabeth Zimmermann's "Knitter's Almanac". Wish me luck. 
Oh, and I do have a full-time job. 


  1. I totally know what you mean about knitting down the stash. Just today I went through and picked our all the yarn I bought early early on in my knitting career to give to another new knitter. that took a huge chunk out of my knitting bin. hehe I have so many beautiful yarns to knit with too!

  2. I had no idea about my stash problem until moving to a new place last weekend... I wish you good luck with your goal and hope I´ll be strong enough to follow your example, to give away some leftovers to a friend who is an art teacher at basic school or to find some "anonymous kniters" group and talk about the addiction :D