Projects for the Week Two

I've been having once again a crazy week, with only one day off. As whole Monday went with sewing of the basket, I didn't manage to start this week's "Knitter's Year"'s project until on Thursday. I'm still pre-occubaed with Scarf Journeys-group's sock journey. We are nearly done, as there are only few more steps left. I can't wait to see my socks and wear them as well!
This week's project is a pillow cover, which I do from Kotiväki-yarn. The colour is lilac and as last week I've tripled the yarn. For reason or another this colour is much softer than the Colori-yarn I knitted last week.
The sweater looks just like last week. I've knitted maybe three or four rows.
Hopefully next night is as calm as last night and I'll have some time to knit at work, so that I might finish the pillow cover on Monday.

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