Projects for the Week One

After infernal Monday at work (and I'm truly talking about infernal), I finaly managed to get The Knitter's Year on Tuesday, and started the first project today. My plan is to knit all the 52 projects in the order those are in the book. 
The first project is knitted basket. And the yarn from my stash is Novita's Kotiväki Colori, a mercerized cotton, 165m/50g tripled. It is multicolour yarn with white, pink and mint, and when tripled it has areas with all possible combinations, and it looks very nice. I'm using 4mm needles. Haven't thought yet which fabric I'll put inside, but I have some ideas.  
So far I have done the first side and started the bottom and two other sides. Note my mix and match KnitPros, as the other clear one wasn't fine in the beginning, I got the pinks to cover them.
What it comes to my jacket, I've never before knitted adult size jacket from this thin yarn, and never thought how much time it is going to take. I've managed to knit the decreasings of the back and will soon begin the increases of shaping the waist. 
Slowly, but steady, I hope it'll be finished during this month.

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