Introducing Ms Yeti

Yesterday I felt that I needed something else to knit. The January Aran is coming, I just finished the first 150g ball as well as decreases of underarm. I've known for sometime now that my mittens are becoming to their end, and the need for new ones will be acute quite soon. I wanted to have playfull and funny mittens that would make me smile everytime I wear them, and hopefully, they'd also make other people to smile. I choosed two yarns, my first choice was teal-colored yarn, but as there were less of that that I remembered, I went with purple. The yarn is one of my favourites, aran weight non-felting wool Novita Aino, that has not been in Novita's prodution plan for years anymore. The other yarn is soft funny fur, Novita Tango in ivory colour. The mix of these two is very snowy but some what femine as well. So the pattern got the name Ms Yeti.
I used approx 50g of both yarns, if I had have more fun fur I would have made little bigger mittens, but the size is large enough for my hands. I used 5mm KnitPro interchangeables for magic loop and knitting the mittens took about 7 hours. It took almost as long to write the pattern.
By the way, if you notice any problems with the pattern, let me know, thanks.

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