Writing about not writing

I haven't felt much like writing to my blog recently. I haven't felt like writing at all and that is much to say, since I love to write. I write letters, short stories, poems, etc. etc. on weekly bacis. Lately all writing has been reminding me of the school tasks I've not done. The tasks that I should finish rather sooner than later (the absolut dead line is 7th of December).
I hate that I don't have self-discipline enough to finish those tasks, althought I know that it is all that it takes to graduate. I hate that I don't know where I'll work after graduation, and I hate the job I'll be doing, since I feel that this is totaly wrong field for me. I should not graduate, I should have not studied this long. I don't want to start over, but I know that for my sake, I have to. Sooner or later. 

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